Rater 2.0 examples

JavaScript Code Resulting rater
new Rater($('title'), raterLayout.stars);
new Rater($('apple'), raterLayout.stardot);
// from version 2.1.1
new Rater($('rate1'), raterLayout.slider);
new Rater($('rate2'), raterLayout.smooth);
new Rater($('rate3'), raterLayout.starsVertical);
new Rater($('rate4'), raterLayout.smooth,
   {textId: 'scoreResult',
   ratingto: 'rate.php?rateid=3&score=%score%',
   p: "images/slider_smooth_vert.gif",
   p_rating: "images/slider_smooth_vert_act.gif",
   bg: "images/slider_smooth_rails_vert.gif",
   fg: "images/slider_smooth_rails_vert.gif",
   width: 21,
   height: 162,
   mode: 'vertical'}
Awaiting your rating...
new Rater($('rate5'),
   {ratingto: function(obj, score)
                  { alert(score); },
   width: 150,
   height: 20,
   bg: "images/vol_empty.gif",
   fg: "images/vol_full.gif",
   fg_rated: "images/vol_rated.gif"}
new Rater($('rate6'), raterLayout.stars,
   {width: 300, steps: 10}, .65);
progressBar = new Rater($('rate7'),
   raterLayout.progressBar, {rated: true});

/* To keep this moving, some more code is needed: */

function doProgress(progress) {
  if(progressBar) {
    progressBar.setValue(.5 - (.5 * Math.cos(progress)));
    progress = progress + .005;

  setTimeout('doProgress('+progress+')', 10);

<button onclick="doProgress(0);">Press button to start<button>

Note that Internet Explorer might show hourglass mouse cursor while progress bar is active. Internet Explorer can't handle the fast changing progress bar values very well.

You'll need Scriptaculous to run this rater. Also you'll need the rater.js.
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